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sexism's Journal

_Girls & Boys _ : daTiNg *
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All Members , Moderated

Purpose This community is for all you people out there who absolutely love girls, boys, and/or dating! Along with that, this community is for the people who are proud to be their gender.

*[[ Proud to be a girl? Tell us why!
*[[ Proud to be a boy? Really? Whyyy~?!
*[[ Got a love story to tell? Go right ahead.
*[[ Want to obsess and talk and on and on about that special someone? You're at the right place!
*[[ Or how about.. heart-broken? You can cry on our shoulders.
*[[ Humiliated about something? We'll comfort you.. or laugh with you. ^~
*[[ Hmm.. got love advice, or seeking it? Now you know you've come to the right place, right? ;DDDD~!
*[[ Want to share your love story, and tell us everything you love (or dislike) about your partner?

This community is a place to rant, or talk about anything that has to do with love, dating, or the opposite sex (or whatever gender you're attracted to). Hell, you can even put poetry, pictures, lyrics, and whatever else you want to.. Though, please stick to the topic: Love, dating, girls, and boys.

NOTE Anyone posting any explicit images or quiz results will be banned from this community. Also.. if you absolutely must post any really large images, please put them behind an LJ-cut tag. Also, please keep in mind that this community is brand new. Therefore, there are not many (if any at all) members so far.

Warning This community is a place of love.. so anyone caught bashing, trashing, or teasing someone will be banned.

* [[ Community is run by rhapsodical ]]
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