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Hi everyone!
hows it going?pretty well i hope. I'm Nikki and i'm 16 and going into my senior year of highschool,and i'm really looking forward to making new friends here. this community was a great idea and i had been loking for one like this for some time now..soo glad i've found it

i dont really have much of a story to tell, i've just let go of one of the situations in which you care about the person more than they will ever care about you  type things, i'm feeling pretty ok about it, its time to move on and i wish him the absolute best.but i wont get too into that and bore you all

i'm proud of being agirl for many reasons, i love hair and makeup and style,plus i think the the way girls see things although percieved as emotional and maybe sometimes a bit irrational is actiually rather sweet and endearing but thats just me.

i'm looking to meet all types,i'm a pretty friendly person and i look forward to the chance of getting to know you all
 have a good one!
~ nikki


 me at the beach

 and thats my mom and my sister and me in new york( i'm the silly one at the top)

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